Carell S.A. Shipping and Ship Repairs

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Carell S.A. Shipping and Ship Repairs

CARELL as a wholly privately owned company, is competent to offer high end quality services with direct communication to the management team due to its flat corporate structure and low prices benefiting from the current Greek economic conditions. Our qualified and highly skilled human capital is capable to find efficient solutions for our clients. CARELL is following with great care the macroeconomic factors of the shipping industry, thus it has made substantial changes to provide its clients with reduced prices without affecting its long lasting Quality and Performance that has been investing into for more than 60 years.
CARELL Competitive Advantages:

· Close cooperation with thirteen (13) docks, four (4) of them state owned
· Flexibility and Strong Negotiation Power with local authorities
· Strategic Location concerning the Mediterranean shipping trade
· Continuous investment in our highly skilled human capital
· Modern repair station of 2,500 sqm in Piraeus
· Direct communication with management team
· One Management Team, One Price List for all Greek Shipyards
· Economies of scale achievement with Fleet Repair Agreement

“Ship Repair is our business for more than 60 years”