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MTM 73

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Single directional mechanical seal, multi spring operating, indipendent on direction of rotation, balanced, designed for general and heavy duty applications, widely used in refinery processing, petrochemical industry, energy and paper industry.
The balancing allows it to be used in high pressure conditions, and thanks to the screws fixed on the axis it’s easy to position during the assembly process.
Also manufactured in accordance to DIN standard provides various devices. Manufactured with Teflon gaskets in order to withstanding very aggressive fluids.

  • Standard contact surfaces material:
    Carburo di silicio
    Carburo di tungsteno
    Ossido d’allumina
    Carbografite impregnata antimonio
    Carbografite impregnata resina
    Acciai speciali
  • Elastomer material:
  • Operation limits:
    D= 14…100mm
    P= ≤ 62 BAR
    T= -50…+250 ° C
    V= 25 m/s

Thumb disegno tecnico 73
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